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What do each of the event filter types mean?

In your Control Panel you can filter Logs by event type.

  • Accepted - Mailgun accepted the API request to send and the message was put in your queue.
  • Delivered - Mailgun sent the email and it was accepted by the recipient email server.
  • Opened - The email recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing. Tracking must be turned on.
  • Clicked -  The email recipient clicked on a link in the email. Click tracking must be turned on and the CNAME record must be pointing to mailgun.org.
  • Unsubscribed - The email recipient clicked on the unsubscribe link. Unsubscribe tracking must be turned on.
  • Stored - The inbound email was successfully stored.
  • Rejected - Mailgun rejected the API request to send/forward the email.
  • Complained - The email recipient clicked on the spam complaint button and the recipient's email server provides feedback loops to Mailgun for these complaints.
  • Temporary Fail - Mailgun could not deliver the email to the recipient email server, but will retry. Usually due to soft bounces and ESP throttling.
  • Permanent Fail - Mailgun could not deliver the email to the recipient email server, and will drop the message. The common reason is we received a hard bounce or repeatedly received soft bounces

Got Questions?

Sinch Mailgun has answers! If you have any concerns or questions, please send us a Support ticket using the Support page within your Mailgun Control Panel.  Our Support Team will be happy to assist!