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I'm not receiving complaints from some recipients' domains. How can I fix this?

When a recipient clicks "spam" in a mail client, a complaint report is submitted to the sender.  However, each Email Service Provider (ESP) has its own way to handle how spam complaints are communicated back to the sender.

We at Mailgun coordinate with ESPs whenever possible, typically by registering our IP address blocks of our outgoing mail servers.  These include all Hotmail/Microsoft domains, AOL.com, and all major ISPs that are registered with ReturnPath (for example, Comcast).  However, some ESPs use other mechanisms that we at Mailgun cannot handle for you.

1.  Gmail.com: Gmail Postmaster Tools

2.  Yahoo.com: Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop

3.  QQ.com: individual domain signup (Chinese)

4.  Libero.it: Libero does not offer a feedback loop.

5.  Mail.ru: Mail.ru Postmaster Tools

6.  iCloud.com: iCloud does not offer a feedback loop.

How to sign up

In order to sign up for all of these services, you need to be able to edit your domains' DNS records.  Each of these steps requires you to create an account and log into that service.  For example, to sign up for Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop, you need log in to a Yahoo account.  This account will be your method of managing these tools.

Gmail Postmaster Tools

  1.  Sign in
  2. Set up a domain 
  3. Now you can monitor your domains for spam rate, delivery errors, and domain reputation. Note that individual message information is not available.

Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop

  1. Retrieve your domain's DNS prefix for its DKIM record.  You can do this by retrieving it from your DNS zone file or by looking at your domain in the Mailgun control panel.
  2. In this case, it's smtp.
  3. If you have set up the suggested MX record for mailgun to accept email, set up a Mailgun route for postmaster@<your-domain.com> to go to an email address you control.  Example:

    If you have not set up the recommended MX record, you need to have a way to retrieve email sent to the domain you are subscribing to the Complaint Feedback Loop.
  4. Fill out the form in the signup page after signing into your Yahoo account.

    Contact Email: needs to be postmaster@<your-domain.com>.
    Reporting Email: needs to be abuse@<your-domain.com>.
    Selector: needs to be the DKIM prefix that you determined in step 1.
  5. Retrieve the verification code from the email address you set up in step 2 and enter it into the form.  Now Mailgun will receive complaints from Yahoo recipients for that domain.  This needs to be repeated for each domain you intend to track.

Mail.ru Postmaster Tools

  1. Log into Postmaster Tools.
  2. Add a domain.

  3. Choose a method of verification, and follow the instructions.

    In this case, you may add another TXT record to your domain with the mail.ru verification value.
  4. Go back to the domains view and click on your newly-configured domain.

  5. Choose FBL Setup.

  6. Specify abuse@<your-domain.com> as the address to receive Feed Back Loop notifications.  Note: this requires you to have a valid MX record pointing to mailgun.org in your domain's DNS settings.

  7. Your domain is now set up to receive complaints.  Repeat for any other domains you wish to set up.
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