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How do I create additional user accounts?

Depending on which plan you're on, Mailgun allows you to add multiple users to your account. If you're on production, scale, managed you can add users. * You can also assign user permissions with a choice of five different user roles. 

To add a new user to your account, you can choose one of two options:

  • select the Security option from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your account
  • or navigate to the Account Settings page and select the Security option 


Once on the page, you can find the users by scrolling down the page until you encounter the Control Panel Logins section that will look like this:


Within this section, you can add, remove and search for users who have access to your Mailgun account.  When adding a user, they will receive a confirmation e-mail that will allow them to securely set a password for their individual account. 

Currently, all users who are invited to your account have administrative access to the account.  The only limitation is that the account owner, which is the first user on the account, cannot be removed.  Nonetheless, we have several account roles that you can assign each user.

Accounts that were provisioned through partners such as Rackspace or Heroku do not have access to manage their users from the Mailgun control panel and must manage their account access through the partner control panel.

* To find out if you have this feature, please visit our plans page.

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