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Transition from Campaigns to Tags

    Since our legacy Campaigns are being retired, we want to answer FAQ’s to help guide customers with the transition from Campaigns to Tags. The features offered by Tags provide a direct replacement for most of the functionality available in legacy Campaigns. They've been enhanced with greater flexibility, due to significant improvements made over the past year.

What is a Tag?

Similar to Campaigns, a Tag is a label used for categorizing a subset of email traffic. By assigning a tag, you’re able to organize your email analytics so you have access to more precise and detailed insights. An in-depth look at Tags refers to our blog post here.

Where can you analyze the new statistics?

Statistics for Tag data can be reviewed from Analytics and Reporting views.

Where can I find more information on Tags?

Our Mailgun's User Manual and API Reference are great resources. Alongside the documentation, our blog has an overview of Tag use-cases and emailing analytics.

When will campaigns be retired and feature access be removed?

On April 9, 2018, Campaigns will be retired. Access to the Campaign API and Campaign view in the customer control panel will be removed.

How can I transition from Campaigns to Tags?

There are a few steps that will need to be taken for the transition. The following checklist will help to sort the steps needed to move from Campaigns to Tags.

1. Updating Sending Option from Campaigns to Tags

Unlike legacy Campaigns, which require you to create a campaign before sending, Tags can be added to any message without having to set them up in Mailgun beforehand.

Usage with Campaigns required the following headers:

API: o:campaign-id

SMTP: X-Mailgun-Campaign-Id

When updating to Tags, it will require replacing these Campaign headers with these Tag headers:

  API: o:tag

SMTP: X-Mailgun-Tag

2. Campaign API to Tags API

Retrieving analytics with Tags uses the Tags API. Any usage of the Campaigns API would require updating on your application side to leverage the Tags API. Configuration varies based on how you are using the Campaigns feature. If you have specific questions about how the API’s compare, please reach out to our Support team.

3. Viewing Tag Statistics

Tags can be seen in the Analytics view or by filtering under the Reporting view. Clicking a Tag within the Analytics view will provide an overview of statistics such as Engagement, Mailbox Providers, Hourly Activity, and Delivery Failures.

We understand change can be hard - we’re here to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to open a ticket with Support. We’re happy to address any concerns.


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