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Can I migrate my domain to EU?

Great news, everyone! We've officially released the EU platform for our European Mailgun customers! Haven't heard? Check out our blog post here! Now that this has been completed, we know there will be questions regarding the migration of domains from the US to the new EU region. Let's dive in!

Action Plan for Migration

There are two options to transfer a domain between US and EU regions. The action plan would depend on your use case and desired final configuration. 

Option 1: Using a Subdomain


First, we know that moving your currently configured domain to a new region can cause service disruptions. However, you could create a new subdomain in the EU region instead to potentially avoid this. Having one domain in the US region and another in the EU region allows for you to split your sending between the regions.

  1. Navigate to the EU portal by selecting the EU flag on the top right drop-down menu. Your current dashboard can be identified by the flag in the corner. 

  2. Add and verify your new EU subdomain under the Domains tab in the new EU dashboard.

  3. While we wait for your newly added DNS records to propagate, begin exporting Mailing Lists, Routes, Suppressions, SMTP credentials, and any Webhooks from the US hosted domain.  

  4. Verify your data is complete and import the legacy services to the EU domain and dashboard. 

  5. Finally, update your application's configuration to utilize the new SMTP credentials and Domain SMTP Credentials, and/or API endpoint.  

Option 2: Transferring Domain Data - Deletion and Creation in the EU Platform


Domains are globally unique within our platform - meaning the same domain cannot exist in both US and EU regions. As such, if you wish to move the domain from the US to the EU platform, the domain would need to be deleted from the US platform first. 

Please Note When Using This Option: Once a domain is deleted, the domain data cannot be recovered. Therefore, if you required this data, you'll need to export all data before deleting the domain. Measure twice, cut once! This process is further explained below -

  1. Begin exporting all your data first; this includes items such as Mailing Lists, Routes, Webhooks, Suppressions, and SMTP credentials. 

  2. Delete the domain from the US dashboard, then navigate to the EU dashboard, add and verify the domain.

  3. While the DNS records propagate, import the exported data to the newly created domain in the EU dashboard. 

  4. Once the data import is complete and the domain has been verified, update your application's configuration to utilize the new SMTP credentials and Domain SMTP Credentials, and/or API endpoint.  

Exporting Data


In order to migrate your domain's data from one region to another, this data would need to be exported and imported to the new region platform.

Currently, through the customer UI, you can export Suppressions and Mailing Lists. For Suppressions, you can export by navigating to the Suppression tab and selecting the Export Bounces button for each Suppression type (Bounces, Complaints, Unsubscribe).




For the Mailing Lists, you will need to navigate to the Mailing List tab and then select the Mailing List you wish to export. Then select the Export Recipient button. 



API requests


I know what you're thinking, "but what if I have hundreds of lists or thousands of emails I need to export?" - That's an excellent question! For customers interested in migrating data to the EU platform quickly, Mailgun has a full set of RESTful APIs for this purpose. Below are links to our API documentation:

  1. Logs

  2. Suppressions

  3. Mailing lists

For features such as Routes and Webhooks, these will need to be recreated within the customer UI or programmatically through the API.

Configuration Changes


Additionally, new endpoints for our services were created for the EU region as well! These changes apply to our SMTP, API, MX records and Click tracking services. See below for these endpoints:






Outgoing SMTP Server


Inbound MX Servers


Inbound MX Servers


Click/Open tracking



*PLEASE NOTE*: If you currently have domains in the US region and use a dedicated IP, but are migrating any or all sending to the EU, you will need to acquire an EU dedicated IP as well. Dedicated IPs cannot be used in both regions at the same time.

If you have additional questions please contact customer support.

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