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Why Use the Email Validations API

Do you want to improve your reputation and make your email efforts more efficient?  Our Email Validation API is here to help improve your sending reputation and make validating emails a breeze!

The Email Validation API has several use cases. For example, some may want to use it to sanitize their mailing lists and others may want to validate the email addresses on their sign-up forms.

The following are few common use cases the Email Validations API helps solve: 

  • Sanitize mailing lists
  • Increase deliverability rates
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Improve your sending reputation
  • Help protect your signup forms
  • Bulk validation of your email lists

We've created some videos to help explain further some of the benefits of validating your emails. 

Overall the email validation API will help you have a good sending experiencing by helping protect your signup forms and ensuring your email lists are clean. To implement the Email Validation API, please see our technical documentation here

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