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Why Use the Email Verifications API

Email verification can help you clean up an existing mailing list. But did you know it can help protect your platform from abuse and user errors, too? There’s a lot more you can do with email verification– and we’re sharing some interesting use cases below:

You’re looking to stop recurring bot attacks

Let’s say you’re a co-working space that has an online portal to book temporary office space all over the world. Normal bookings on your site are about 300 per day…and you suddenly see a spike of 11,000 bookings in an hour…and then your website goes down immediately.

By adding email verification to your booking form along with captcha, it puts you in good shape to prevent bots from crawling on your forms. Plus, you can flag the fake attempts and store the results of your verifications for risk analysis to prevent DDoS attacks in the future.

You’ve got multiple sources feeding data into your CRM

You have a management system that handles travel bookings around the clock. The database where you keep each record pulls from other platforms like Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire…but also offline sources that need manual entry. After running a report, you see that over 50% of email addresses in your database have errors.

Including email verification as part of the data entry process helps to cut down on pesky data entry errors. CRMs like Salesforce let you add email verification as part of the flow in the entry process to catch mistakes in the email field and suggest corrections.

Do you want to improve your reputation and make your email efforts more efficient?  Our Email Verification API is here to help improve your sending reputation and make verifying emails a breeze!

Additional use cases 

  • Sanitize mailing lists
  • Increase deliverability rates
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Improve your sending reputation
  • Bulk verification of your email lists

We've created some videos to help explain further some of the benefits of verification your emails. 

Overall the email verification API will help you have a good sending experience by helping protect your signup forms and ensuring your email lists are clean. To implement the Email Verification API, please see our technical documentation here.