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When to consider bulk email validations

Maintaining a mailing list can become cumbersome. An email address that was once valid may be invalid later in the future. Wether it is an new list, old list, or poorly maintained list, our Email Validation API is ready to help your with your bulk validation needs! 

The following are few use cases for bulk email validations: 

First time sending emails  

When you first begin sending emails, your email list may not be fully sanitized. It is a good idea to ensure you are starting off right with a clean mailing list. 

You have an existing list

You may have accumulated a mailing list you've obtained over the years and decide you want to start sending to this list. A lot of the times, these older lists contain emails that are no longer valid. Bulk validation of the email lists ensures the list is clean and that it will not harm your sending reputation. 

Sending Marketing emails

It is important that your marketing campaigns are sent to valid emails. You don't want to waste resources by continually sending to emails that are invalid or disposable addresses.  Bulk validating your email lists will ensure your marketing campaigns are more effective. 

Your bounce rate has increased 

One of the first signs of a problem with your sending is a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate can damage your sending reputation and hurt delivery to valid addresses.  Performing bulk email validation of your mailing list will help improve your bounce rate and help improve your sending reputation. 

Old Mailing List

People's email addresses change and it is a good idea to maintain the integrity of your list. You'll want to be sure the old mailing list you are sending to is sanitized and will not harm your sending reputation with a high bounce rate. You also want your send to be effective and resources is spent on recipients that will actually receive your emails. 

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