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What do I do if my Mailgun account has been compromised?

So, you found out that your Mailgun account has been compromised, disabled to prevent any further abuse by the compromiser, and now all the traffic on your account has come to a screeching halt. What do you do next?

Well, if you make a ticket, we'll pretty much ask you to do the following to help rectify and re-secure your account:

Step 1. Reset your Mailgun private API key and expire any old keys.

Step 2. Reset your Postmaster and Custom SMTP credentials for each domain on the account under the Domains tab:

Click on the domain in your Domains tab.

Click on "Manage SMTP Credentials".

Select the blue cogwheel and then click on "Edit Password".

Step 3. Reset the password for each user that has access to the Mailgun account.

Step 4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication for each user that has access to the Mailgun account.

Step 5. Reach out to us and let us know once all the above steps have been completed.

And, once we can confirm that the above steps have all been satisfied, we can go ahead and re-enable your account and get you back up and running!

Note: We also recommend reaching out to your hosting server provider, as well as referring to any public repositories that you have, to be sure that this compromise is isolated to just your Mailgun account. 

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