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Account Sending Limitation

Mailgun operates a machine learning system that dynamically classifies accounts to protect our system against malicious users. While this system has a high accuracy rate at catching bad actors, it can sometimes misclassify legitimate users in the process. If you feel that you have been wrongly classified, we will be happy to help remove the probationary state from your account in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Begin Sending Messages

First of all, we highly encourage you to begin sending messages because demonstrating that you're using best practices is the best way to provide evidence that you're a great sender. While the probation status limits the number of messages you can send per hour, it does not otherwise impact your ability to use Mailgun; it's purely volume-based.

Step 2: Verify Your Sending Domain

Second, make sure that your sending domain has been added to your account and you have completed domain verification.

Step 3: Submit a Support Ticket

Finally, please submit a support ticket with responses to the following questions; your providing this information gives us what we need to give you and your sending the thumbs-up for verification.

  1. Please briefly describe how your business uses email. What types of emails will you be sending: transactional, marketing, or both?
  2. Where do you source your database/list of email addresses? Additionally, could you please provide the URLs to any of these sources (e.g. any websites or the domains that you will be using with Mailgun)?
  3. What is your expected monthly volume of messages?

Once we receive your ticket, the sending restriction will typically be lifted in less than 24 hours. Occasionally, we may have additional clarifying questions that need to be answered before we can remove the probation status.

If any questions arise, just reach out to our Support team via the Support options in your Mailgun control panel!

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