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Microsoft SNDS

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    The Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) by Microsoft provides insights into how Microsoft Outlook views the health of a brand’s IP address. SNDS also provides information about a brand’s bounce percentage, spam trap hits, and the number of emails sent from the brand’s IP address – all of which help the brand assess its sender reputation and email deliverability. Good sender reputation enables inbox service providers (ISPs) to validate the brand’s domain name and place emails in recipients’ inboxes without speculation.

    SNDS data is now available through Mailgun Optimize. By integrating your data into Mailgun Optimize, you can view all your deliverability data in a single location and set up alerting to be notified when your reputation changes.


    Mailgun senders

    If you’re a Mailgun Sender with Mailgun Optimize, accessing this data in Mailgun Optimize is easy.

    • Sign into Mailgun Optimize.
    • Navigate to IP Monitoring under your Deliverability Settings. 
    • Add your Mailgun dedicated IPs that you want to monitor to your IP monitoring.
    • View your data in our SNDS feature.

    And done, if you’re sending on the same account, or a linked account, all of your SNDS data should immediately become available. 


    Non-Mailgun senders

    If you send with another ESP, you will first need to get access to your SNDS data from your ESP. It’s best to request access from Microsoft, and simultaneously submit a ticket with your ESP for SNDS access.

    • Sign into a Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook account, or create an account to manage your SNDS access.
    • Using your Microsoft account, navigate to the “Request Access” page on Microsoft SNDS.
    • Enter the IPs that you would like to access with SNDS and click submit.
    • Submit a ticket with your ESP requesting access to SNDS data for your sending IPs.
    • Wait for your ESP to approve the access request.

    Once you have access to SNDS data for your IPs, you will need to integrate this data with Mailgun Optimize.

    First, inside Microsoft SNDS...

    Now, inside Mailgun Optimize...


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