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Why should I use Bulk Email Validations?

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    It’s easy to put aside regular upkeep with your mailing list – for most senders, it’s not something that’s top of mind, and teams that work with data don’t always have time to do data clean up. But it makes sense to purge your list every now and then since your contact’s data can change at any time: people leave jobs, they stop checking mailboxes, or worse - unintentionally make mistakes that can be expensive to correct.

    Check out a few examples of when using bulk validations can give you a great starting point.


    First time sending emails

    When you first begin sending emails, your email list may not be fully sanitized. It is a good idea to ensure you are starting off right with a clean mailing list. 


    You’re switching CRM platforms

    Moving your contacts from one CRM to another can be expensive if you’re working with millions of contacts. CRM providers will charge for every contact you’re bringing over, and it makes sense to remove invalid contacts to keep your switching cost under control.


    You have an existing list

    You’ve been building your mailing list for years, pulling in contacts from different sources. It may not be clear whether they’ve all gone through double opt-in, provided an error-free email address,  or if they’re still interested in your content.


    Sending marketing emails

    It is important that your marketing campaigns are sent to valid emails. You don't want to waste resources by continually sending to addresses that are invalid or disposable addresses.  Bulk validating your email lists will ensure your marketing campaigns are more effective.

    Before you can run a campaign, it’s good to validate addresses so you know which contacts to leave out. That way, you don’t risk tanking your sending reputation.


    Your bounce rate has increased

    One of the first signs of a problem with your sending is a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate can damage your sending reputation and hurt delivery to valid addresses.  Performing bulk email validations of your mailing list will help improve your bounce rate and help improve your sending reputation. 


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