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Spam Trap Monitoring

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    To start monitoring your spam trap traffic, you will need to register your domains in our domain monitoring settings.

    To navigate to your domain monitoring settings, you can either click on the "Add domain to monitoring" button from the Spam Trap Monitoring page, or open your profile dropdown and click on the "Domain Monitoring" link under "Deliverability Settings". 



    Adding a subdomain (or domain)

    On the domain settings page, use the "Add domain to monitoring" button to bring up a modal where you may enter your domain.

    Make sure to enter the exact domain or subdomain that you plan on emailing from. We will only be able to monitor spam traps from the exact subdomain or domain that you register. If you have multiple subdomains under a single domain, registering the parent domain will not monitor all subdomains.


    Once a domain has been added, it will appear in your domain settings. If you send with Mailgun, your domain may already be verified, otherwise you will need to go through the domain verification process to prove you own the domain.



    Verifying a domain

    To verify a domain, click on the verify button to access the steps.


    Step 1

    If you're verifying a subdomain, you will need to choose between verifying the subdomain, or the parent domain. Verifying the parent domain will allow you to add multiple subdomains under that parent domain, without repeating the verification process each time.


    Step 2

    We provide links to common DNS providers for you to view DNS configuration documentation. Please refer to your DNS provider's documentation for additional assistance with DNS configuration.


    Step 3

    A single TXT record needs to be added to the DNS configuration to enable a domain for Mailgun Optimize domain monitoring. The hostname is provided in a way that is intended to reduce errors when configuring the DNS. Most DNS providers will automatically append the parent domain to the hostname, so we have made only the subdomain portion of a domain copyable. 

    Set your DNS record type to TXT, copy/paste the hostname, copy/paste the value, and save the record.


    Step 4

    With your DNS record saved, you can click on "Verify DNS Settings" and leave this page. Verification of the domain can take up to 24 hours.

    If the domain does not verify, you can click on the verify button again to check their DNS configuration and make adjustments to your DNS.



    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!