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Blocklist Monitoring

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    To monitor your IPs with our blocklist monitoring tool, you'll need to register your IPs with us. Our IP monitoring tool operates separately from Mailgun sending, so even if you send with us, you'll still have to setup your IPs for monitoring.



    To navigate to your blocklist monitoring settings, you can either click on the "Add IP Address to Monitoring" button on the blocklist monitoring page, or open your profile dropdown and click on the "Blocklist Monitoring" link under "Deliverability Settings".


    Adding an IP Address

    On the blocklist monitoring settings page, click the "Add IP Address to Monitoring" button to bring up a modal where you may enter in your IP and a description.

    We support IPv4 addresses. The description field may be used to help you keep track of what each of your IPs is used for. Once you have entered in this information, click "Add".



    Email & Webhook Notifications

    Make sure to setup email notifications for blocklist monitoring so that you get notified when a listing occurs. To do this, click on the bell icon on the blocklist monitoring page and enter the email address that you'd like to receive notifications to or setup some webhooks. 



    Monitored Blocklists

    There are hundreds of blocklists on the market, but not all of them matter. Many blocklists will accept payments to remove your IPs from their lists. Never pay a blocklist provider to remove your IP from their blocklist. Any blocklist provider who accepts these payments will not impact your deliverability.

    Our blocklist monitoring service monitors only high impact, reputable blocklists. These are our current supported blocklists:


    What to do if you're Blocklisted

    If you do find yourself with a blocklisted IP, review our documentation for the blocklist provider you've been listed with. Also, check your listing to see if the blocklist provider has left any helpful links to help you with delisting. Some providers have an automated delisting form for you to use.

    Whatever you do, do not request a delisting until you have resolved the issue that's caused you to be blocklisted. Doing so could significantly complicate the delisting process.



    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!