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How can I build great email reputation?

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    The way to think about your email reputation is much like your credit score. When you haven’t sent any email, you don’t have a bad reputation but you don’t have a good one, either.

    No ESP is going to allow you to send a million emails to their mailboxes, much like no one is going to give you a credit card with a huge credit limit when you graduate from college. There needs to be a history of performance for you to create a reputation.

    We use algorithms for our new senders that automatically queues your email and sends them at rates that makes the ESPs happy, increasing those rates as your sending reputation grows.

    Some of the factors that help you build a good reputation faster and increase deliverability are:

    • Limited spam complaints and bounces.
    • Including the ability for recipients to unsubscribe.
    • Recipients interacting with your emails in a good way: reading, replying, forwarding and adding your addresses to their contacts.
    • Following ESPs’ guidelines on sending rates.
    • Paying attention to ESPs’ feedback to slow or stop sending for a period of time.
    • Having good content (see below for more guidance on content).
    • Also, consider letting your users to reply to your emails. Having a meaningful email conversations with your audience will do wonders for your reputation as a member of email community.


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