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Enhancing email compliance: A guide to the 2024 Gmail and Yahoo changes for optimal deliverability

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    Both Gmail and Yahoo are implementing critical email security initiatives in early 2024. As such, please review our guide below to understand how their changes may impact emails you send to recipients on their platforms.

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    Gmail & Yahoo 2024 Email Security Initiatives

    In an ongoing commitment to fortify email inboxes, both Gmail and Yahoo have announced the implementation of new protection standards for bulk email senders.

    Gmail, following its prior initiative of cleaning up inactive accounts in May 2023, has detailed that the enforcement of these standards will commence in February 2024. The focus will be on vigilant monitoring of senders transmitting over 5,000 messages a day. Yahoo, in a similar vein, has set its sights on the first quarter of 2024.

    The positive aspect is that both providers have outlined similar updates, emphasizing the maintenance of higher standards of authentication, simplification of unsubscribing from commercial emails, and keeping senders under a lower spam rate threshold.

    While these upcoming standards represent some of the most substantial changes implemented by mailbox providers in recent years, it's important to note that the principles of authentication, easy opt-out, and spam monitoring have long been emphasized as email deliverability best practices.

    While it's natural that these announcements may raise concerns among senders, at Sinch Mailgun, we anticipate that requirements of this nature will soon become industry-wide standards.


    Who needs to adapt? Everyone, especially bulk senders

    Google has rolled out a fresh set of requirements affecting all email senders, with additional specifications for bulk senders dispatching 5,000 or more emails to Google accounts daily. Notably, all traffic from a sender contributes to the 5,000 threshold, including transactional emails.

    The announcements don't explicitly mandate sending 5,000 messages daily or within a specific timeframe. Hence, it's crucial to factor in peak holiday sending habits and substantial campaigns when gauging the applicability of these rules. While you might not perceive yourself as a bulk sender, mailbox providers may differ in their classification.

    Google has implemented a stricter policy (p=quarantine), disallowing email spoofing. This means that sending from a Gmail sender address is now restricted exclusively to Gmail mail, preventing unauthorized use.

    These forthcoming standards mark one of the most substantial implementations by a mailbox provider in recent years, yet they're not entirely novel. Authentication, simplified opt-out processes, and vigilant spam monitoring have long been emphasized as crucial components of email deliverability best practices.

    While the news may spark concerns among senders, at Sinch Mailgun, we anticipate that such requirements will soon become industry-wide standards.


    How do I prepare for these changes?

    The most straightforward answer is that, if you haven't already, it's time to take email deliverability best practices seriously.

    Gmail and Yahoo emphasize three key changes for senders aiming to be viewed as legitimate in 2024:

    Authenticate your email

    For Mailgun users, this guide can help for authenticating your domains with SPF and DKIM. Further, we do have in-depth, step-by-step guides for the following DNS providers below:

    By implementing these measures, you enhance your email security, protect your sender identity, and contribute to improved deliverability.

    • DMARC implementation: If you send more than 5,000 emails per day, you must take additional steps towards DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) authentication. DMARC allows you to make policy choices based on your email program.

    Follow along with this blog post to get started with DMARC authentication.

    By implementing these measures, you enhance your email security, protect your sender identity, and contribute to improved deliverability.

    Enable easy unsubscription

    Ensure a hassle-free unsubscription experience for your recipients with these steps:

    • Include single-click unsubscribe links: Implement a single-click unsubscribe link within your emails. If you're using Sinch Mailgun's Email Editor, this link is added by default. If you're not, add an unsubscribe link at the top or bottom of your emails, providing contacts with a straightforward, single-click opt-out pathway.

    • Adapt to 2024 standards: From 2024, both Gmail and Yahoo will require senders to offer a single-click process for users to unsubscribe. This simplification replaces the need for users to confirm their email or update subscription preferences. Senders are granted a two-day window to implement unsubscribe requests.

    By adopting these practices, you not only comply with evolving standards but also enhance user experience and minimize the risk of spam complaints.

    Optimize your email sending practices

    As Gmail and Yahoo elevate spam monitoring, here's how to ensure you stay within the set spam rate threshold:

    • Monitor your spam rate closely: Keep a vigilant eye on your spam rate and engagement methods. Leverage tools like Google Postmaster Tools to closely track your spam rates.

    • Implement deliverability best practices:

        • List management: Regularly clean and optimize your email lists, removing disengaged subscribers to maintain a healthy sender reputation.
        • Sunset policies: Enforce sunset policies to manage inactive subscribers effectively, reducing the likelihood of spam complaints.
    • Utilize deliverability tools:

        • Email validations: Ensure the validity of your email addresses with tools like Mailgun Optimize to perform bulk validations that will enhance your emails' deliverability.
        • Inbox Placement testing: Use tools to assess your inbox placement (something else featured in Mailgun Optimize), refining your email strategy.

    By adhering to these practices, you will not only align with industry standards but also elevate your overall deliverability, ensuring your emails reach the intended audience effectively.



    Staying ahead of the game in email marketing is paramount, especially with the forthcoming changes from Gmail and Yahoo in 2024. By adhering to authentication protocols, implementing user-friendly unsubscribe processes, and ensuring the relevance of your content, you not only comply with the evolving standards but also enhance your sender reputation and deliverability. As we navigate these changes together, Sinch Mailgun is committed to providing you with the tools and guidance you need for continued success in your email campaigns.


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