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Do I need a dedicated IP address?

It depends on several factors but here is what we recommend.

Use a dedicated IP if:

  • You are sending more than 50k email per week, in order to isolate your reputation.

Use a shared IP if:

  • If you are sending less than 5,000 messages a day, a shared IP may be the right solution for you. 
  • Your email sending is volatile with large spikes of volume, as ESPs may assume those large spikes are spam.

Use a pool of dedicated IPs if:

  • You are a high volume sender*, as ESPs limit the total volume per IP per hour.
  • To separate IPs for your bulk and transactional mail.

Additional information about dedicated IP addresses and sending volume can be found in the email best practices section of our documentation

If you are interested in a dedicated IP please contact our Support Team or select the "Request dedicated IP for $59/mth" link in the Mailgun panel.

* High volume senders are those looking to sending several millions of emails per month

 Here is a quick GIF on how to obtain a dedicated IP:


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