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Sinch Identity SSO

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    Sinch Mailgun is beginning to rollout a new single sign-on login experience that will allow our customers to seamlessly login to any existing Sinch services that they may use. As such, you may notice a sequence of login pages that differ from those with which you're familiar. 

    Not to worry, we will guide you step-by-step through the new experience below.


    The new login experience

    The new experience is straightforward, but we understand it can be a bit jarring when you're familiar with the previous experience of logging into your Mailgun Control Panel. We'll outline the new experience below:

    1. When you visit your Mailgun Control Panel, you've normally seen this login page: https://login.mailgun.com/login/. Please enter your email address as normal, if you've not done so already... but you probably already have done so since you're referring to this article at the present moment :)
    2. If your account is entering the new login experience, you'll see this introductory screen.
    3. Don't worry, it's safe to click the Continue button. Once you do so, you'll see this.
    4. A different look? Yes, but you're still entering your email address as before. Once you've entered your email address, click the Continue button. The next screen will be this.
    5. Now, you'll enter your password. It's the same one you've been using to login to the Mailgun Control Panel. In other words, although the login experience is a bit different now, your login password didn't change with the appearance. You'll just use your existing password. Click the Continue button. The last screen you see may be this.
    6. This screen asks for your 2FA token, which will be stored in your Authentication app on your mobile device. Enter the 6-digit token and click the Continue button.
    7. Congratulations, you've successfully completed your first sign-in with Sinch Identity! You'll now be taken to the Mailgun Control Panel. From this moment force you'll be taken through the Sinch Identity login sequence upon every login to the Mailgun Control Panel from https://login.mailgun.com/login/


    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!