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How can I delete messages from the queue?

Situations We've All Been In
Perhaps there has been an occasion where you have scheduled a message for future delivery but later realized the wrong date and time were specified.  Maybe you have seen in your Logs a large number of retries enqueued to mistyped addresses but didn't know how to stop those retries.  Hopefully, you've never had the misfortune of accidentally submitting a massive amount of messages to the wrong list or of creating an infinite sending loop through an accidental code deploy.

The Solution To All That Ails You
The Clear Domain Queue feature available for every domain is the solution for any of the above situations.  If you press this button, all enqueued messages for that domain will be deletedmailing list sending, batch sending, scheduled sending, and emails that have temporarily failed but are still within our retry window.  So if you've recently performed any of the aforementioned types of sending, any and all emails remaining to be processed will be completely wiped from our system.   

Clearing The Queue: A Quick Primer
You can utilize the Clear Domain Queue feature by performing the steps below:

  • Click the "Domains" tab within your Mailgun Control Panel
  • Click the domain within the list for which you desire to clear the queue
  • Scroll to the "Clear Domain Queue" section; if needed, click to expand the section
  • Click the "Clear Domain Queue" button to clear the domain's queue

One Last Note Before You Go
It is important to note that the amount of time required to clear the domain's queue will vary based on the number of enqueued messages; therefore, if a domain has thousands of messages enqueued, the deletion of all enqueued messages will not be instantaneous. 

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket (cool tutorial .gif below) within your Control Panel, and our team will be happy to assist!  


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