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What's Up with Mailgun Templates?

Mailgun Templates allow you to create, store and edit your HTML templates on Mailgun's platform so that you can simply reference the template during your sends using the same sending API!

Mailgun Templates can be found in our new user interface by navigating to one of your domains and selecting Templates from the available tab options:


From here, you would click on the Create Message Template button and choose from a set of default templates to get started!


Mailgun Templates allows you to design your own or build off of a pre-existing template we have available to then save and send with the API.

Mailgun Templates are great for either transactional messages or marketing messages! For instance, transactional messages such as Email Receipts for Orders or marketing messages such as Bulk Messages or Newsletters.

For more information regarding how to use Mailgun Templates with our API, please be sure to check out our updated docs here: