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Where is my email going? Introducing Inbox Placement

Do you really know where your email is going?

Have you ever wondered where your email goes once it gets delivered to a mailbox? Do you know if messages land in the inbox or spam folder? Perhaps they miss the mailbox altogether? Are you curious to find out which Gmail tab your email was placed in? These questions hit at the heart of an important concept – delivery vs deliverability.

While it's straightforward to figure out if your email was accepted by a mailbox provider (i.e. delivery), it's much more difficult to understand where your email lands once it's accepted by the recipient server (i.e. deliverability). While your email may have been successfully delivered, there's no great way to know if it has landed in the user's inbox, spam, quarantine, or somewhere else entirely. 


What's Preventing Emails From Reaching The Inbox?

Each mailbox provider has its own rules, routing, and filtering algorithms that will determine where an email message lands once it is accepted. This is why a message that makes it to Yahoo may not make it to Gmail or Hotmail. 

It's important to understand where your emails are landing to ensure as many as possible make it into your recipient's inbox and have an opportunity to be engaged with. Without this data, it's difficult to identify and diagnose problems with your deliverability. Inbox placement can help you identify problems with your sending reputation, content, templates, or IPs.  


Introducing Inbox Placement

Mailgun Optimize's Inbox Placement provides the insight you're looking for. Whether it's the spam folder, inbox folder, or another tab (such as Promotions or Updates in Gmail). A clear and concise report will take all of the guesswork out of your sending and facilitate your path to great deliverability. 

There are a few things that Inbox Placement can't account for, such as user engagement. As a sender, it's still important to review your content, email lists, segmentation, and best practices. The combination of that plus Inbox Placement will give you the best chance of landing in your recipient's inbox.  


How does Inbox Placement work?

By using a Seed List (and all of the email addresses that are contained therein), Inbox Placement adds those addresses to every send (i.e. a weekly newsletter, a new marketing campaign) in order to provide reliable data and results. 

  1. Mailgun Optimize manages a long list of mailboxes from a large range of providers. These are called seedboxes. Together, they make up a seed list.

  2. Mailgun Optimize provides customers with a seed list, which they can use with new kinds of email sending or any existing email sending.   
  3. Included in the seed list is a unique mailbox address, which ties the entire seed list to you, the customer. 
  4. After any sending that includes the email address of the seedlist, you can expect to see results within the first few minutes. However, some results may take up to 24 hours, depending on the recipient. 
  5. The Inbox Placement Reports will not only show you the report for ALL of your seed lists but the individual results can also be pulled by clicking the individual seed list itself. 
  6. The individual seed lists will also include multiple reports, to ensure that you have the most accurate results for every send. 


Where do I sign up for Inbox Placement?

Inbox Placement is only available through Mailgun Optimize plans. To purchase Mailgun Optimize, create a Mailgun account and sign up for Mailgun Optimize.

Got Questions?

Sinch Mailgun has answers! If you have any concerns or questions, please send us a Support ticket using the Support page within your Mailgun Control Panel.  Our Support Team will be happy to assist!