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Email Preview

Article Preview


    Thanks to our acquisition of Email on Acid, we have direct access to Email on Acid email rendering. View your HTML rendered on over 100 devices all within your Control Panel.


    Performing an email preview

    From the Email Preview page, you can initiate an email preview test using the Create button. HTML may be rendered by either pasting the HTML directly into our interface, or linking to a URL containing your HTML.


    Once you've selected whether you'd like to render with HTML or a link, you will be presented with our 3 step interface to create a test.

    Step 1: Name your project. This name will allow you to access this project in the future to review your email previews and access your HTML assets.

    Step 2: Paste in your URL or HTML. As you do this, you will see your HTML rendered on the right side of the screen.

    Step 3: Select the clients that you'd like to render on. Each client selected will count as an email preview credit. We provide client sets to allow you to quickly select all clients, the most popular clients, or a custom set of clients. To select individual clients, first select a "client type" before using our checkbox interface to select the individual devices.

    When all of this information has been filled in, click "Create Project" to run your test.


    Your results will be presented on a single screen for ease of viewing. Clicking on a single client will focus on that client in a full screen view.

    If any clients aren't loading, feel free to click on the refresh button above the client. This will not consume a credit, but will attempt to reload the client. If the issue persists, please check our status page to ensure all clients are available. https://status.emailonacid.com/

    Make sure to review each client to check for client specific HTML issues. Once you are done, the "download HTML" button may be used to retrieve all of your HTML assets.



    Testing subject lines

    Before you finish testing, check the Subject Line Preview tool to preview your email subject line on a variety of clients. This tool will not consume any preview credits and can be used to fine tune email subjects, senders, and preheaders across a variety of clients.



    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!