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Inbox Placement

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    Inbox Placement provides a reliable way for you to generate highly accurate reports regarding your campaign's deliverability to a wide range of mailbox providers. 

    It allows you to not only view your current campaign reports but also be able to make deliverability predictions with more certainty and accuracy. By taking the guesswork out of deliverability, your reports will provide statistics on whether your messages made it to the inbox, spam folder, or even which Gmail tab they landed in. 


    How does Inbox Placement work?

    By using a Seed List (and all of the email addresses that are contained therein), Inbox Placement adds those addresses to every send (i.e. a weekly newsletter, a new marketing campaign) in order to provide reliable data and results. 

    1. Mailgun Optimize manages a long list of mailboxes from a large range of providers. These are called seedboxes. Together, they make up a seed list.

    2. Mailgun Optimize provides customers with a seed list, which they can use with new kinds of email sending or any existing email sending.   
    3. Included in the seed list is a unique mailbox address, which ties the entire seed list to you, the customer. 
    4. After any sending that includes the email address of the seedlist, you can expect to see results within the first few minutes. However, some results may take up to 24 hours, depending on the recipient. 
    5. The Inbox Placement Reports will not only show you the report for ALL of your seed lists but the individual results can also be pulled by clicking the individual seed list itself. 
    6. The individual seed lists will also include multiple reports, to ensure that you have the most accurate results for every send. 


    Why does a seed list have multiple reports?

    We want to provide you with the most accurate results, so we will generate multiple reports for each seed list depending on its usage. If you send out the same campaign every month, a report will be generated once a month. This data allows you to compare and adjust your campaign to ensure the highest deliverability rate on the next run. 


    Which plans offer the Inbox Placement feature?

    Inbox Placement is only available through Mailgun Optimize plans. You can sign-up for a plan here

    Contract customers can also take advantage of our Inbox Placement product by purchasing Mailgun Optimize. Reach out to our sales team to purchase an Mailgun Optimize contract.


    How often should I include a seed list?

    We encourage you to include your seed list along with every campaign you send and occasionally with transactional emails. By performing regular inbox placement tests alongside your regular sending, you will be able to use inbox placement results as a diagnostic tool if you ever see a drop in engagement.


    When should I create a new seed list?

    While this is more of a case-by-case measure, you'd ideally create a new seed list for every campaign you create. For example, if you send a weekly newsletter, you'd create one seed list for that weekly newsletter and use the same one every month. Don't worry, a new report will be generated at the bottom of that seed list in your dashboard for every inbox placement test you conduct. If you don’t want to maintain multiple seed lists, you can send all inbox placement tests to a single seed list. This may limit your ability to filter inbox placement reports to a specific type of content though.


    Which mailbox providers are included in the seed list?

    We've curated a list of the most common providers and are frequently adding more. We currently support these providers:

    • Gmail.com
    • Yahoo.com
    • Outlook.com
    • Hotmail.com
    • Aol.com
    • Att.net
    • Bk.ru
    • Comcast.net
    • Currently.com
    • Free.fr
    • Freenet.de
    • Gmx.de
    • icloud.com
    • Inbox.ru
    • Laposte.fr
    • List.ru
    • O365
    • Web.de
    • Yandex.com


    Why am I seeing countries that I don't normally send to in the seed list?

    We will run our report on the entire seed list, so long as you include the entire seed list that is generated. While you don’t have to send to every address in the seed list, we encourage you to do so as you might start sending to them in the future and any inboxes that don’t receive email will be recorded as “missed” in your tests. We see this as a benefit as you will start to compile a running history of inbox placement data that you can leverage at a later point in time. Plus, by sending to a broader list of providers, you will get a better assessment of your inbox placement rates at a larger scale.


    What’s the difference between "Score", “Inbox”, “Missed”, and “Spam”?

    In the Inbox Placement Breakdown, you will notice that your inbox placement rates will be divided into four categories – "Score", “Inbox”, "Spam" and “Missing”.

    • The "Score" is your general rating for that provider. It ranges from Low to High. 
    • "Inbox" shows the percentage of seedboxes where your emails made it to the Inbox. 
    • “Spam” shows the percentage of seedboxes where your emails were sent to the spam folder.
    • "Missing" reflects the percentage of seedboxes that have not received your emails. These will typically take up to 24 hours to resolve but may take longer depending on the provider. Typically missing emails will either represent bounced emails or emails that were never sent.


    Does Inbox Placement support EU domains?

    Yes! You can add your EU domains to your seed list Sending Domains. 


    Where do I sign up for Inbox Placement?

    Inbox Placement is only available through Mailgun Optimize plans. To purchase Mailgun Optimize, create a Mailgun account and sign up for Mailgun Optimize.


    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!