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Inbox Placement FAQ

 What is Inbox Placement and why should I use it?

Inbox Placement provides a reliable way for you to generate highly accurate reports regarding your campaign's deliverability to a wide range of mailbox providers. 

It allows you to not only view your current campaign reports but also be able to make deliverability predictions with more certainty and accuracy. By taking the guesswork out of deliverability, your reports will provide statistics on whether your messages made it to the inbox, spam folder, or even which Gmail tab it landed in. 


Why does a Seed List have multiple reports?

We want to provide you with the most accurate results, so we will generate multiple reports for each seed list depending on its usage. If you send out the same campaign every month, a report will also generate once a month. This data allows you to compare and adjust your campaign to ensure the highest deliverability rate on the next run. 


Which plans offer the Inbox Placement feature?

Inbox Placement will be available starting on August 17th, 2021. Inbox placement is included with our Mailgun Foundation, Growth, Scale & Enterprise plans. If you are on one of those plans, you can start using inbox placement today. Create a seed list and send an email to it to create a new inbox placement test.


How often should I include a seed list? 

We encourage you to include your seed list along with every mailing list campaign you send. 

Our reporting is more accurate the more you use it. 


When should I create a new seed list? 

While this is more of a case-by-case measure, you'd ideally create a new seed list for every campaign you create. For example, if you send a weekly newsletter, you'd create one seed list for that weekly newsletter and use the same one every month. Don't worry, a new report will generate at the bottom of that seed list in your dashboard. 

We also suggest refreshing your seed list every couple of months. This will ensure that the seedboxes being used are up to date and fully reliable in their results. When refreshing, you will be generating a brand new seed list. You will need to update any campaigns and swap out the existing data at that time. 


Which mailbox providers are included in the seed list?

We've curated a list of the most common providers and are frequently adding more.


Why am I seeing countries that I don't normally send to in the seed list?

We will run our report on the entire seed list, so long as you include the entire seed list that is generated. While you can edit that seed list, we don't encourage doing so as you might start sending to them in the future. We see this as a benefit as you will start to compile a running history of inbox placement data that you can leverage at a later point in time. Plus, by sending to a broader list of providers, you will get a better assessment of your inbox placement rates at a larger scale.


Can I filter my results only to certain providers?

Currently, we can't filter by providers. We can filter by dates in custom ranges or 30/60/90 days. 

However, our product is constantly being worked on and new features are frequently being added. Please stay tuned for updates! 


What’s the difference between "Score", “Inbox”, “Missed”, and “Spam”?

In the Inbox Placement Breakdown, you will notice that your inbox placement rates will be divided into four categories – "Score", “Inbox”, "Spam" and “Missing”.

The score is your general rating for that provider. It ranges from Low to High. 

"Inbox" will show the percentage of seedboxes where your campaign made it to the Inbox. 

The same rules for Inbox apply to "Spam". 

"Missing" reflects the percentage of seedboxes that did not generate results after 24 hours. At that point, we will stop attempting to deliver the message. Our Inbox Placement API provides a Pending status, which will show any messages that have not been delivered yet before the 24-hour "Missing" status takes over. 


Does Inbox Placement support EU domains?

Yes! You can add your EU domains to your seed list Sending Domains. 


Is the seed list static or is it generated each time I create a test?

The seed list is static, but a new one can be generated by refreshing or creating a new seed list. 

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