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BIMI Brand Indicators (Avatars, Logos, Profile Images)

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    While there is not a way to configure brand indicators (sometimes referred to as brand logos, profile pictures, or avatars) within Mailgun, a DNS mechanism called BIMI can be used to add these indicators to your emails.


    Understanding the context


    Setting the scene

    Mailgun does not have the ability to upload brand indicators to your account and insert them automatically into the messages that you send.  Rather, this feature is typically native in major ISP product sets such as those provided with Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo user accounts. Even in these cases, the brand indicator is essentially one of the account’s user settings; each ISP product/service can simply reference and use the brand as needed. 


    Discerning the nuance

    However, like many things, there are more than one means to the same end.  The alternative method of configuring brand indicators is called Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI).


    Implementing the solution

    BIMI itself will not be configured within the Mailgun environment.  Rather, BIMI is configured by adding various DNS records to your DNS provider's system.  SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records are pre-requisites, and an additional TXT record referencing an SVG version of your logo/image/picture will need to be created.

    After the new TXT record has been created and assuming your emails are compliant with DMARC, your recipients will see the brand indicator included in the emails (pending, of course, their mailbox provider supports BIMI). 

    For more detailed information on how you can get started configuring BIMI, we recommend reviewing our blog post.


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