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DMARC is a DNS record intended to verify both the sender's and their email's legitimacy, and thereby, increase email security.

The goal of DMARC is to ensure that the domain in the From address reflects the same domain that is sending the email. As more email service providers adopt DMARC, messages that have a domain in the From address that differs from the sending domain will be quarantined, marked as spam, or rejected completely. Current email best practices are clear that the domain of the From address and sending domain should match.

While Mailgun neither offers DMARC records nor checks for their presence, your emails can still be DMARC-compliant. Emails will be DMARC-compliant when: 

  1. Your Mailgun (sub)domain's DKIM record is configured within your DNS provider's system and verified by Mailgun
  2. The (sub)domain present in the From address of the emails matches the Mailgun sub(domain) you're using to authenticate with and send your emails through.  E.g. if you are authenticating with and sending your emails through mg.mydomain.tld, then your From addresses should also use the same sub(domain) of mg.mydomain.tld

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