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Events & Logs: Search Queries

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    Fields you can search across:

    • From address
    • To address
    • Recipient address
    • Event type
    • List name
    • Tag name
    • Attachment name
    • Message ID
    • Subject

    Examples of some search queries you can run:

    • "foo bar" matches field values that contain both term "foo" and term "bar".
    • "foo AND bar" same as above.
    • "foo OR bar" matches field values that contain either term "foo" or term "bar".
    • ""foo bar"" (with quotes) matches field values that literally contain "foo bar".
    • "@example.com" matches all from, to and recipients @example.com
    • tags:"your tag here"

    Things to keep in mind:

    • The events/logs data, as well as the raw MIME of a given message, are only available for specific periods of time, which are determined by your account's billing plan. The range for logs/events is 5 to 30 days and the range for the raw MIMEs is 0 to 7+ days.
    • While the events/logs data cannot be exported or downloaded from within the Control Panel, this data is fully available and obtainable through the use of our Events API.


    Need Support?

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