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Events & Logs: Recipient Mailbox Providers

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    Mailbox Providers, also known as Recipient Providers, are now present in the information that we capture and present in the Events (Logs) of your messages. For your reference, we've documented the currently captured mailbox providers and their associated domains below. The mailbox provider information, as well as all other event details you've come to expect, are found via the Events API, HTTP posts from Webhooks and Routes, and the Logs within the Mailgun Control Panel.

    Mailbox Provider Associated Domain
    Apple icloud.com
    Apple me.com
    Apple mac.com
    Gmail gmail.com
    Gmail googlemail.com
    Googlers google.com
    Google Workspace GSuite (Business Domains)
    Microsoft Outlook hotmail.com
    Microsoft Outlook live.com
    Microsoft Outlook msn.com
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.com
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.fr
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.it
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.be
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.cz
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.de
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.dk
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.es
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.hu
    Microsoft Outlook outlook.jp
    Microsoft Outlook microsoft.com
    Microsoft Outlook passport.com
    Microsoft Outlook 365 O365 (Business Domains)
    Yahoo yahoo.com
    Yahoo aol.com
    Yahoo verizon.net
    Yahoo ymail.com
    Yahoo aim.com
    Yahoo rocketmail.com
    Yahoo EU yahoo.co.uk
    Yahoo EU yahoo.es
    Yahoo EU sky.com
    Yahoo EU yahoo.de
    Yahoo EU yahoo.it
    Yahoo EU yahoo.gr
    Yahoo EU yahoo.ie
    Yahoo EU yahoo.dk
    Yahoo EU yahoo.ro
    Yahoo EU yahoo.se
    Yahoo EU yahoo.no
    Yahoo EU yahoo.pl
    Yahoo EU yahoo.co.za
    Yahoo EU yahoo.be
    Yahoo EU yahoo.nl
    Yahoo EU yahoo.at
    Yahoo EU yahoo.fi
    Yahoo EU yahoo.hu
    Yahoo EU yahoo.bg
    Yahoo EU yahoo.cz
    Yahoo EU yahoo.com.hr
    Yahoo EU yahoo.com.ua
    Yahoo EU yahoo.pt
    Yahoo EU yahoo.sk
    Yahoo EU yahoo.ee
    Yahoo EU yahoo.lv
    Yahoo EU aol.co.uk
    Yahoo EU aol.fr
    Yahoo EU aol.de
    US Broadband att.net
    US Broadband sbcglobal.net
    US Broadband bellsouth.net
    US Broadband cox.net
    US Broadband comcast.com
    US Broadband comcast.net
    US Broadband earthlink.net
    US Broadband mindspring.com
    US Broadband optonline.net
    US Broadband charter.net
    United Online juno.com
    United Online netzero.net
    United Online netzero.com
    United Online mybluelight.com
    United Online mysite.com
    United Online privatephone.com
    United Online unitedonline.net
    United Online untd.com
    UK Providers btinternet.com
    UK Providers ntlworld.com
    UK Providers talktalk.net
    Italian Providers libero.it
    Italian Providers pec.libero.it
    Italian Providers alice.it
    Italian Providers virgilio.it
    Italian Providers tin.it
    Italian Providers fastwebnet.it
    Italian Providers iol.it
    Italian Providers inwind.it
    Italian Providers blu.it
    Russian Providers mail.ru
    Russian Providers yandex.ru
    Russian Providers bk.ru
    Russian Providers list.ru
    Russian Providers inbox.ru
    Russian Providers rambler.ru
    Russian Providers ya.ru
    French Providers laposte.fr
    French Providers laposte.net
    French Providers orange.fr
    French Providers free.fr
    French Providers sfr.fr
    French Providers neuf.fr
    French Providers bbox.fr
    German Providers web.de
    German Providers t-online.de
    German Providers mail.com
    German Providers gmx.com
    German Providers gmx.de
    German Providers gmx.net
    German Providers freenet.de
    German Providers arcor.de
    German Providers online.de
    Other European Providers mail.bg
    Other European Providers seznam.cz
    Other European Providers wp.pl
    Other European Providers onet.pl
    Other European Providers telenet.be
    Other European Providers skynet.net
    Other European Providers bluewin.ch
    Other European Providers ukr.net
    Other European Providers ziggo.nl
    Other European Providers gmx.at
    Other European Providers home.nl
    Other European Providers centrum.cz
    Other European Providers planet.nl
    Other European Providers gmx.ch
    Other European Providers hetnet.nl
    Other European Providers abv.bg
    Canadian Providers shaw.ca
    Canadian Providers rogers.com
    Canadian Providers telus.net
    Canadian Providers sympatico.ca
    Canadian Providers videotron.ca
    Canadian Providers sasktel.net
    Canadian Providers cogeco.ca
    Canadian Providers bell.net
    Chinese Providers qq.com
    Chinese Providers vip.qq.com
    Chinese Providers 163.com
    Chinese Providers vip.163.com
    Chinese Providers 126.com
    Chinese Providers vip.126.com
    Chinese Providers easystack.cn
    Chinese Providers sina.com
    Chinese Providers 123.com
    Japanese Providers yahoo.co.jp
    Japanese Providers ezweb.ne.jp
    Japanese Providers I.softbank.jp
    Japanese Providers docomo.ne.jp
    Japanese Providers nifty.com
    Proton Mail protonmail.com
    Proton Mail proton.me
    Proton Mail pm.me
    Proton Mail protonmail.ch
    Rackspace rackspace.com


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