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What can I search for in logs and events?

Mailgun customers send millions of emails per month, so finding the status of a specific email can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

We built the API to be highly performant, even across 10s of millions of log entries. To do this, we built the API on top of ElasticSearch, an open source framework for building real-time search and analytics.

Fields you can search across:

  • From address
  • To address
  • Recipient address
  • Event type
  • List name
  • Tag name
  • Attachment name
  • Message ID
  • Subject

Examples of some search queries you can run:

  • "foo bar" matches field values that contain both term "foo" and term "bar".
  • "foo AND bar" same as above.
  • "foo OR bar" matches field values that contain either term "foo" or term "bar".
  • ""foo bar"" (with quotes) matches field values that literally contain "foo bar".
  • "@example.com" matches all from, to and recipients @example.com
  • tags:"your tag here"

Things to keep in mind:

  • We only store your events data for a certain number of days
    • Free accounts - 2 days
    • Paid accounts (with a credit card on file) - 30 days
  • We store the raw MIME of the message for up to 3 days
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