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How do I pick a domain name for my Mailgun account?

If your company’s primary domain is mycompany.com, we recommend the following domain names for Mailgun:

  • mycompany.com, unless you’re already using this name for your corporate email (e.g. with Gmail).
  • mg.mycompany.com or mail.mycompany.com
  • mycompany.net or mycompany.org

We require you to configure some records at your DNS provider so we can verify you own this domain. We provide you with those records and instructions in your control panel.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to separate the domains for the type of messages you are sending. For example, some companies will use a different domains or subdomains for bulk marketing mailings and transactional or corporate mail in order to keep the reputations separate.

  • mail1.mycompany.com for transactional emails
  • mail2.mycompany.com for marketing emails

Finally, if you want multiple addresses and you want to direct certain emails to certain IP addresses, you will need to have a unique domain or subdomain for each IP address. In this situation contact our Support Team to discuss your infrastructure.

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