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Adding SMTP credentials

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    When managing multiple apps, it is recommended to use different SMTP credentials for each app to separate traffic between servers/apps.


    Adding SMTP credentials

    We'll show you how to do this below:

    1. First, log in to the Mailgun Control Panel (if you have not already done so).
    2. Then, within the left-hand navigation pane, click the Send product and then click the Sending option to expand its list of suboptions.
    3. Next, click the Domain settings suboption, and then click on the SMTP credentials tab.
    4. To update the password, click the Reset password button.
    5. Confirm your password reset by clicking the Reset Password button in the pop-up modal.
    6. NOTE: The new SMTP password will be available within a dark-gray notification window that appears in the bottom-right portion of the Control Panel. Save this password in your application and in a secure password manager, as it will not be displayed again

    At this point, you can see your newly-created SMTP credential on the domain's credentials page. 

    For information on how to create additional SMTP credentials via the Domain API, see our documentation. 

    Need to shorten or otherwise customize your SMTP password? Check out this article!


    Need Support?

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