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What domain name should I use with Mailgun?

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    Choosing the right domain name might seem obvious - your company is X, so why shouldn't your domain be as well? 

    Well, depending on how you're looking to use Mailgun, implementing just the right level of nuance can make a significant difference on the effectiveness of your configuration, as well as improve your deliverability.

    Choosing the best domain

    If your company’s primary domain is mycompany.com, we recommend the following domain names for Mailgun:

    • mycompany.com - unless you’re already using this name for your corporate email (e.g. with Gmail or another provider).
    • mg.mycompany.com, or mail.mycompany.com
    • mycompany.net or mycompany.org

    We require you to configure two TXT records (SPF and DKIM) at your DNS provider so we can verify you own this domain. We provide you with those records and instructions in your control panel. More information on getting your domain verification taken care of here.

    Sometimes, it is a good idea to separate the domains for the type of messages you are sending. For example, some companies will use a different domain or subdomains for bulk marketing mailings, versus those domains used for transactional or corporate mail. This is done in order to keep the reputations separate. Using this method, your marketing mail's large sudden sends for campaigns don't halt the gradual, consistent flow of your transactional or corporate mail. 

    You could segment domains per mailing type like this:

    • mail1.mycompany.com for transactional emails
    • mail2.mycompany.com for marketing emails

    Simple, yes? Finally, if you want multiple addresses and you want to direct certain emails to certain IP addresses, you will need to have a unique domain or subdomain for each IP address. In this situation, contact our Support team via the Support option in your Mailgun control panel to discuss your infrastructure.


    Need Support?

    Our Support Team here at Sinch Mailgun is happy to help! Reach out to us in the Support section of your Mailgun Control Panel, and we'll be with you shortly!