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How Do I Upgrade My Account?

Needing some more sending volume, additional features, or otherwise looking to expand your plan's mailing capabilities? Here's how!

Inside the Mailgun Control Panel:

  • Click on the Upgrade option on the top-right area of your Mailgun dashboard.
  • You can filter by Recommended or All Plans.
  • Each plan will have feature highlights and a Pricing Details link that will display a pop-up of all pricing information.

Once you select your plan, the account will be upgraded, as long as a card is on file. If not, you will be prompted to enter card details first.  If you are having trouble upgrading your account, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have entered in all of the required information correctly
  • Clear your cache and cookies, then retry
  • Try upgrading your account from another web browser
  • Contact your bank/financial institution to verify there are no issues with the account associated with the card information you have entered. Many cards are now set to automatically decline certain online transactions; verify this isn't the case with your card.

If, after trying the above suggestions, you are still unable to upgrade your account, just reach out to our Support team via the Support option in your Mailgun control panel - we'll help make sure you're all set!

Note: If you are a high-volume sender, you may be interested in our Managed Plan.
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