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RBI regulations for recurring card payments

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    As banks across India continue to implement systems to comply with the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) communication on the processing of e-mandates for recurring transactions, you may see higher payment failure rates on subscriptions that routinely charge your card. RBI has decided to permit the processing of e-mandate on cards for recurring transactions with AFA.


    What you can do


    Once the one-time registration is complete

    After the one-time registration process is complete, the payments for your subscription with us should process as long as they are within the specified values that you provided to your banking institution.

    To process the failed payment, you can navigate the Billing section of our customer portal and click the green "Retry payment" or "Reactivate account" button (the button displayed depends on whether the account is disabled) on the right side of the page. This action will process the payment of the outstanding balance; additionally, if the account was disabled due to the failed payment, the account will be automatically re-enabled.


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