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How does PAYG billing work?

Mailgun offers a Pay as you Go billing model via our Flex plan, which allows you to only pay for the messages you send in any given month with no subscription fee. Pricing is $0.80 per thousand messages sent per month.

See our other plans and pricing here.

What will I be charged on the Flex plan?

If you send fewer than 1,250 email messages in a given month while you are on the Flex plan, you will receive an invoice for $0, and there will be no balance rolled over to the next month. If you send more than 1,250 emails in a given month you will be charged $1.00 at 1,251, and $0.80 per thousand for anything beyond 1,251.

What will my invoice look like?

At the bottom of your invoice, you will find a Pricing Details breakdown that looks something like this:

First 1250 at $0.00 each


Next 1 at $1.00 each $1.00
Next x,xxx at $0.0008 each $x.xx

Why are you charging me $1?

In order to streamline payment processing we charge a $1 minimum fee. At $0.80 per 1,000, $1 equates to 1,251 emails.

Will the amount roll over month to month?

You will not accrue a balance if you send less than 1,250 emails in a given month, and no balance will roll over month to the next month.

Is it the same for flex and flex trial?

For new users signing up for the Flex plan, we offer a 3 month trial in which 5,000 emails per month are included for free. During the 3 month trial, you can send up to 6,250 emails at no cost, however, if you send 6,251 emails, you will be charged the $1 minimum fee, and $0.80 per thousand emails sent over 6,251.

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