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How do I add a domain?

There are two ways to add a domain to your Mailgun account. 

  • From your Mailgun control panel
  • Using the domains API

To add a new domain in your Mailgun control panel click on the add domain button from the control panel homepage. (see image below)

Next enter the domain name you want to add into the domain name field on the page. (see image below)

If you need help deciding what domain name to use, check out this help center article.

After you have entered your domain name, click on the add domain button.

The next page will provide you with the DNS records required for your domain to be verified with Mailgun. This information is also available in the domains section of the control panel by clicking on a specific domain. 

If you need assistance getting your domain verified have a look at this help center article

If you would like to add a domain using the domains API you can find more information in our documentation.

For further assistance with adding a new domain please submit a support ticket.

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