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How do I start sending email?

Check out our quickstart guide to start sending email.

  • Have your API key ready, found in your control panel.
  • Your API base url will be https://api.mailgun.net/v3/YOUR_DOMAIN/
  • Check out our libraries for easy integration with Python, Ruby, Java, C# and PHP

Here's sample code for sending an email with curl.

curl -s --user 'api:key-3ax6xnjp29jd6fds4gc373sgvjxteol0' \ 
https://api.mailgun.net/v3/samples.mailgun.org/messages \
 -F from='Excited User <excited@samples.mailgun.org>' \
 -F to='devs@mailgun.net' \
-F subject='Hello' \ -F text='Testing some Mailgun awesomeness!'
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